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Pride Festival Reflections

I had the honor to share a booth, at the Pride Festival, with one of my good friends, Elena, owner of Sit Means Sit in St. Petersburg, FL. It was a very enlightening experience. I have never had the chance to attend such an event, even though I have always wanted to be there to support. I left with the overwhelming feeling of how badly people are not able to express themselves fully on a daily basis. That there has to be a special occasion to actually let ourselves free as we truly are. This is mind boggling to me. I mean, I sort of got it before, but this event really opened my eyes. The people there were allowed to express themselves as who and what ever they wanted to and it was ok. At least from my view, it was full of love and there wasn't any violence.

The only negative energy I received, the entire time at the festival, was from other Reiki practitioners. I was giving free Reiki to whomever wanted to sit for 5-10 minutes, in the heat, and receive some light. I didn't see the harm. However, there were 3 older women, all on different occasions, come up and ask me if I was a Reiki Master or not. And when I told them I was a 2nd step, they proceeded to tell me "well I am a master" and walk away. I don't know about you, but I love me some free Reiki. Also, I've had crappy Reiki experiences from all walks of Earth, 1st steps, 2nd steps and Reiki masters. It has to do with how clear you are with opening yourself up to being a conduit of the light, at least in my experience. Honestly, the snobbery within healers really needs to stop. That is not what we are here to do. This will be written more about in another blog.

So, in my reflection, my overall experience of being a vendor at the Pride Festival was pretty darn good. I was able to give Reiki to about 10 people, sold a few pride rainbow bracelets, enjoyed laughter with many and watched people being who they truly are for the moment.

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