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Discover Your Soul's Blueprint and Clear Karma

Open yourself up to your true being and unlock your true potential! Break open the blocks and restrictions that are holding you back! Have your soul realigned to its original blueprint and set yourself on a clear path.

Receive spiritual guidance about your soul's purpose. Discover what is holding you back from expressing your true self. Clear away the negative karma you are ready to let go of. Reconnect to your soul's energy system to move you forward in your life.



There are 4 Parts to this Reading, Clearing, Coaching, Healing
1st - Soul Blueprint - While having access to your Akashic Records a multitude of questions will be asked to reveal your Soul's energy center, celestial connection and purpose. (Done in a meditation state and with tools - Not with you)

2nd - Soul's Journey - Digging deeper into the Soul's journey through your Akashic Record. This will help build the story and bring more understanding of the blocks and restrictions from previous lifetimes. This discovery will help with bringing you knowledge of what is holding you back in your current life. (Done in a meditation state and with tools - Not with you)


3rd - Clearing - Request a clearing of all blocks and restrictions that were discovered that your soul is ready to let go of. (Done in a meditation state and with tools - Not with you)

4th - Healing/Coaching - On a recorded Zoom call for about 2 hours. We will discuss what was discovered in the reading. Then bring clarity and understanding on how to transform your life using the new knowledge of the soul's blueprint, purpose and journey. 


Expect to schedule at least 2 hours for the Healing and coaching session.

These sessions are done over a recorded zoom call that will be shared with you afterwards (no video on these calls will be used).