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12 Months

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Open Your Spiritual Gateway


Keirstin Proud

Keirstin Proud is a Mother, Transformational Coach, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Passionate Visionary, Life Activation Practitioner, Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, Certified Jikiden Reiki Practitioner, Spirit Psychic Medium, Empathic Healer, Children/Adult Meditation Facilitator, Ceremonial Minister and Officiant, 2nd Step Initiate in the lineage of King Solomon and a graduate of Universal Kabbalah. She also holds a BA in Visual and Performing Arts from the University of South Florida.

About the course

Live Your Life on Purpose!
12 Month Journey to Living Your Magick
Start living the life you could only dream of

Fully connect to your spiritual greatness and your gifts

Learn how to truly love everything about yourself

Re-connect to your Soul Self/Higher Self

Breakdown the barriers that have been in your way to your fullest potential

Discover how to connect to your Spiritual Tribe (Guides, Teachers, etc.)

Thrive in all areas of your life

Be and share your Magick to the world

What the Journey Entails:
12 Months of Elite Online Group Guidance

Weekly Community Spiritual Guidance Zoom Calls

Weekly Community Transformational Coaching Zoom Calls

Weekly Mindfulness Facebook Live Chats

Monthly Guided Tree of Life Meditation on Zoom

Monthly 1 on 1 Transformational Coaching Call

Soul Realignment Zoom Call

Facebook Community for Support & Guidance

Dedicated Facebook Messenger Group to Ask Questions & Receive Insight

**Message me for discounts for current clients, if you have already had a Soul Realignment, or have been on another plan and want to switch over. Contact me here if you have already had sessions with me.

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