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I have worked with Keirstin for just over 12 months now, and whether this be for an initial clearing and alignment, which morphed into a very bespoke case by case monthly coaching and clearing sessions which have thus brought us to this day. I appreciate the flexibility and the uniquely tailored nature of each packaged service that we have worked through over the past year. I have further recommended and referred numerous clients, contacts and family members, as I believe in the integrity and honesty of the work we have achieved together. I am by far not the same person as I was when we started building on my journey, and as I grow into my new skin, I am proud of how far I have come and am thankful for the support. Highly recommended.

Mystical Lake


My mediumship call with Keirstin made my heart full. I was able to connect with two different loved ones and gain insight and clarity into questions I had. Keirstin was also very clear in communicating what my loved ones wanted to pass along to me. It was an overwhelmingly therapeutic experience. I felt comforted and safe with Keirstin, trusting her to be accurate and understanding of what I wanted to get from the call. Images and descriptions were on point and I was able to know exactly what she was referring to. I felt strongly connected and I now know my loved ones felt grateful I wanted to connect with them as well. I can't thank Keirstin enough for making this dream a reality... there's always more to say after someone has passed, and she helped us both say what we needed to.

Image by Simon Maage


Expect the unexpected!  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect through working with Keirstin as my medium.  I already communicate with my ancestors so I wasn’t sure what would come through that would be new to me.  She blew me away when she delivered the unexpected….including my grandmother making a joke from beyond the veil about ‘why am I even here when I can do this myself.’  Keirstin easily described those who spoke up with details specific to me so I knew without a doubt who was there.   Keirstin easily delivered messages for me and messages for me to deliver to my loved ones.  Including messages for my extended family!  At the time, I didn’t think the messages specifically for me were anything out of the ordinary.  I underestimated the power of hearing the messages through a 3rd party.  The delivery shifted my stagnant and stuck energy.  It resulted in significant emotional release.  I am beyond grateful the opportunity to work with Keirstin and would highly recommend her! 

Image by Linus Nylund


Keirstin is a wonderfully intuitive practitioner who honed in on exactly what I needed to hear and reflected back to me things that have been up for me lately and things I had been thinking without me speaking those things to her directly at all. She helped me get clear on my direction in terms of how best to share my gifts in the world and get myself out there more. She was so encouraging and loving, and I will definitely return to her for guidance in the future!

Image by Diego PH


I had my first Reiki session with Keirstin Proud last night.  Her energy is so strong;, without her putting hands directly on me, there was an immediate presence of energy. I described it like a tractor beam because I can't think of any other way to describe it but it was very pleasant.   It felt like my body was comprised of pixels and some were out of whack and were being pushed back into place.  


There were presences other than Keirsten in the room:  one was a lady in a green dress who swirled in the air above me showering down bright green feathers into my heart chakra.  While she was there, the room was unnaturally freezing cold and a beautiful pink mist formed around the area where the feathers fell.  We both felt when the lady left as the room went back to a normal temperature.  There was another lady who was moving around the table as well, though I couldn't get as much detail from her.  


Keirsten knew where to go and she made me feel great afterwards - reconnected and balanced whereas earlier I had felt restless and uneasy.  She also worked on my neck which felt like a cascading shower down my spine.  I again had the same feeling of pixels gently being put back into place.  I highly recommend Keirsten.  She is a Reiki goddess

Image by Sebin Thomas


Receiving my Soul Realignment from Keirstin was a profound experience for me. I understand myself at a much deeper level and I've made self-discoveries that have changed the course of my life for the better. Understanding my hidden blocks and how to clear them was something I've sought help with for many years and working with Keirstin finally cleared them for me! I highly recommend Keirstin's Soul Realignment for anyone seeking to release limiting beliefs discover their true soul's expression.



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