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Are you tired of living a mundane existence and ready to step into your true essence?
Are you willing to put in the necessary work to see rapid and extraordinary results within just six months?

Indulge in the Exclusivity of Your Personalized Elite Immersion Experience


Evolve to Your next level!


Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey that will transform your life from the inside out?


Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring experience that will ignite your inner spark and elevate your soul to unprecedented heights! Get ready to Live Your Divine Radiance, a six-month transformational adventure designed to reconnect you with your true self, unleash your latent psychic abilities, amplify your self-love, and rediscover your authentic greatness.

This isn't your ordinary coaching and healing series – it's a mind-blowing fusion of magick and energy that has already propelled countless individuals to unparalleled success. If you're ready to dive deep within yourself and tap into your full potential, then this program is your gateway to rapid and transformative results. Prepare to witness profound changes unfold within a mere six months.

Imagine what it would feel like to step into your true essence and revolutionize your mindset, energy, and relationships. With Live Your Divine Radiance, you'll unlock the secret to balance your mind, body, soul, and spirit, unleashing a tidal wave of positive transformation across every facet of your life.

Don't waste another precious moment waiting to unlock your full potential. Say goodbye to a mundane existence and welcome a life overflowing with joy, purpose, and abundance. Join us on this extraordinary journey and start living your magic today!

Embrace the power to balance your mind, body, soul, and spirit – unlock your true potential now!

Balance your mind, body, soul and spirit!

Foggy Lake

Imagine life if you could...







Build Your


Tool Box







Thrive in

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Your Life




Access Your



Here's the Breakdown


Open yourself up to your true being and unlock your true potential! Break open the blocks and restrictions that are holding you back! Have your soul realigned to its original blueprint and set yourself on a clear path.

Receive spiritual guidance about your soul's purpose. Discover what is holding you back from expressing your true self. Clear away the negative karma you are ready to let go of. Reconnect to your soul's energy system to move you forward in your life.



During all transformational coaching sessions a variety of tools are used depending on the mindset that needs to be transformed. We spend time digging deep with the psyche to uncover the root cause of the stagnant energy and mindset. 


This process will help you re-discover those parts of you that have been forgotten. Each session is customized to your specific needs. 


Some of the modalities used: Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and Akashic Field Reading, and Intuition.



Learn to harness your own spiritual gifts, re-connect to your soul self, discover your spiritual guides and expand your third eye. 


We live in a fast paced world and there are times where we can develop feelings of being spiritually lost/confused, not understanding how to use your spiritual gifts, not being able to balance our energy, feeling too much of other people's energy, not quite fitting in, etc. You do not have to let these feelings rule your life.

These calls will help you learn the tools and techniques specifically for your needs and your spiritual gifts and build confidence. They will help you to know how to incorporate your spiritual self within your every day life.


Luna Light energy healing modality works to release deep core emotional stresses within the body. The interweaving of the moon, the elements, angels, and crystal energy bring a balance within your body at a cellular level.

The moon is a very powerful energy for us. It helps us to live within the ebb and flow of our true selves. By receiving this healing we transform blocks of energy deep within so your body can be more in tune with the changes of life.

Weekly 1:1 Coaching

1 Hour Bi-Weekly 1:1 Coaching & Hypnosis

Weekly 1:1 Spiritual Guidance

1 Hour Bi-Weekly 1:1 Spiritual Guidance

Bi-Weekly 1:1 Luna Light Healing

2 Hours Monthly 1:1 Luna Light Healing

Weekly Text Support

Quick text Q&A support M-F 

Soul realignment Session

Soul Realignment® Session to be performed within the first month.(3 Hours)

Customized Worksheets & Downloads

Customized worksheets and downloads to help your journey

downloads to recorded sessions

Keep your recordings on your device to listen to at a later date. 

Facebook Community support

Join the community to receive extra guidance and support.

Access to monthly meditations

Join the monthly meditations for free.

Who is Keirstin Proud

Who is Keirstin?

Hey there! I want to thank you for being here and congratulate you for taking steps to transform your life. Which can be very challenging at times. Go You!

If you don't already know me, I am Keirstin Proud. I am the founder of Life's Magick. I spent over 15 years on an intense spiritual journey myself. I have learned many modalities, tools and techniques that I bring to the table. Which makes your experience very customizable. 

I want to share with you that I completely empathize. I understand hardship, loss, inner turmoil, stagnation and depression first hand. I was deep in it most of my life. I have lived through abuse, suicide and many of life's unexpected, not so fun, events. I had no understanding of my true magick. However, I survived them all and am now here to help guide you to your own evolution.

Are you ready to take the big leap towards your new abundant and fulfilling life?


Let me be your guide on your journey. I will hold your hand every step of the way. You deserve it!

Invest in you and begin loving yourself fully!!!

Let's Do This!!! 

Enjoying Nature


“Keirstin is a wonderfully intuitive practitioner who honed in on exactly what I needed to hear and reflected back to me things that have been up for me lately and things I had been thinking without me speaking those things to her directly at all. She helped me get clear on my direction in terms of how best to share my gifts in the world and get myself out there more. She was so encouraging and loving, and I will definitely return to her for guidance in the future! Much love Keirstin!?”

Image by Jackson David


I wanted to thank you for your help so much. My life has changed dramatically since we last spoke. Since then, I’ve realized that I myself (and my limiting beliefs) were my biggest enemies standing in the way of my abundance. I have already forgiven myself.


I am just so grateful to have met you and have been guided to connect with you.


Enjoying the Nature


Keirstin was extremely revelatory. and super condensed. In just an hour's time, I learned a lot about myself, my family, and my wounds that need healing...Keirstin gave me some very helpful tools to process and work through all the difficult emotions that have come up. So grateful to her...Keirstin really helped me get to the bottom of my creative blocks, and we discussed a plan for how I can prioritize and channel more of my creative energy...I am amazed at how much progress I have made in such a short time, thanks to the great work she does.

A little love... 

Isn't it Time to...

Live Your Best Life!

If you are not sure if this is the right program for you and/or have questions...Let's Chat!


**Message me for discounts for current clients, if you have already had a Soul Realignment, or have been on another plan and want to switch over. Contact me here if you have already had sessions with me. 

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