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soul realignment

Become Reconnected to Your Soul

Rediscover Your Soul's Vibration

Open yourself up to your true being and unlock your true potential! Reconnect to your soul's energy system to move you forward in your life.

Clear a Path to Shine

Discover what is holding you back from expressing your true self. Clear away the negative karma you are ready to let go of.

Receive Guidance

Obtain spiritual guidance about your soul's purpose. Get clarity and understanding on how to transform your life using the new knowledge of your soul's blueprint.

Be Your True Self

By reconnecting to your Soul Self you are able to live your true purpose and express your authentic magick.  

If you are on this page, you are probably ready to understand more about your soul and your journey to heal....

More and more souls are coming to this planet with deep universal knowledge. Your soul's mission is just as important as the next.


It is time to reconnect to your soul's vibration and start living united as human and soul. Walking the path together as one being of light.


Receiving a Soul Realignment will transform your life and push you into your soul's work here on Earth.


Each journey is personal and it will put you in the path if you open yourself up to it.  

Begin Your Journey Today!

Soul Realignment Breakdown

1st - Soul Blueprint - While having access to your Akashic Records a multitude of questions will be asked to reveal your Soul's energy center, celestial connection and purpose. (Done in a meditation state and with tools - Not with you)

2nd - Soul's Journey - Digging deeper into the Soul's journey through your Akashic Record. This will help build the story and bring more understanding of the blocks and restrictions from previous lifetimes. This discovery will help with bringing you knowledge of what is holding you back in your current life. (Done in a meditation state and with tools - Not with you)


3rd - Clearing - Request a clearing of all blocks and restrictions that were discovered that your soul is ready to let go of. (Done in a meditation state and with tools - Not with you)

4th - Healing/Coaching - On a recorded Zoom call for about 2 hours. We will discuss what was discovered in the reading. Then bring clarity and understanding on how to transform your life using the new knowledge of the soul's blueprint, purpose and journey. 


Expect to schedule at least 2 hours for the Healing and coaching session.

These sessions are done over a recorded zoom call that will be shared with you afterwards (no video on these calls will be used). 

Soul Realignment

Packages & Payment Plans

  • Direct Ray of Light

    Save by booking Life Activation & Soul Realignment® together
    Valid for 3 months
    • Life Activation (In Person) ($222 value)
    • Soul Realignment® (Zoom) ($333 value)
    • *No cancellations or refunds once sessions have begun
  • Realignment Plus

    Every month
    Soul Realignment + Mystic Soul Guidance Package
    Valid for 2 months
    • Soul Realignment ($333 value)
    • 3 - Spiritual Guidance Zoom Sessions ($666 value)
    • 2 Payments of $444
    • *No cancellations or refunds once sessions begin
    • **Late/Bounced payments are subject to a $50 Fee
  • Soul Realignment

    Every week
    Weekly Payment Plan
    Valid for 3 weeks
    • 2 hour Soul Realignment Akashic Reading & Clearing
    • 2 - 1 hour Soul Realignment Reveal Sessions (Zoom)
    • 3 Weekly Payments of $122
    • 1st Session begins after 2nd Payment is processed.
    • *No cancellations or refunds after sessions have begun
    • **Late/Bounced payments are subject to a $50 fee

"Receiving my Soul Realignment from Keirstin was a profound experience for me. I understand myself at a much deeper level and I've made self-discoveries that have changed the course of my life for the better. Understanding my hidden blocks and how to clear them was something I've sought help with for many years and working with Keirstin finally cleared them for me! I highly recommend Keirstin's Soul Realignment for anyone seeking to release limiting beliefs discover their true soul's expression."


All the love

Other Packages & Payment Plans

  • Live Your Divine

    Every month
    Evolve to Your Next Level
    Valid for 6 months
    • 6 Months of Elite Immersion
    • 1:1 Transformational Coaching Calls (Zoom)
    • 1:1 Soul Guidance Calls (Zoom)
    • 1:1 Luna Light Healings Sessions (Zoom)
    • Soul Realignment Healing & Clearing (Zoom)
    • Weekly Text Support for Q&A
    • Downloads to Recorded Sessions
    • Customized Worksheets & Downloads
    • Facebook Community
    • Access to Monthly Meditations
    • *No Cancellations of Subscription unless agreement is made.
    • **Late/Bounced Payments subject to a $50 Fee
  • Crystals & Reiki

    Every month
    Target a specific ailment with Crystal & Reiki Healing
    Valid for 2 months
    • 4 - 2 Hour Crystal, Reiki & Intuition Sessions (In-Person)
    • 2 Monthly Payments of $388
    • *No cancellations or refunds once sessions have begun
    • **Late/Bounced payments are subject to a $50 fee
  • Divine Light

    Every month
    Streamline into Your Divine Purpose
    • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions (Zoom)
    • Luna Light Healing & Clearing (Zoom)
    • 60 Min 1:1 Virtual Insight Reading (Zoom)
    • Facebook Community for Guidance & Support
    • Get over $3000 worth of services for $1500
    • My Support All Month Long via text and email
    • No Cancellations or Refund for the month paid
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