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Connect with Spirit through Mediumship

Let's connect and communicate with your family and friends who have passed on. 

Keirstin Proud Mediumship

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Hi! Keirstin here. I am so excited you are taking the steps to connect to your loved ones. It is always a honor to be able to share this beautiful service for people. So much healing and closure can be had through this experience.


A little about me... I have spent the past 15 years training and honing in on my spiritual gifts. I am a clairvoyant, clairsentient and psychic medium who channels spirit and reads the Akashic field. My readings are multi-dimensional and truly a healing experience.

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"My mediumship call with Keirstin made my heart full. I was able to connect with two different loved ones and gain insight and clarity into questions I had. Keirstin was also very clear in communicating what my loved ones wanted to pass along to me. It was an overwhelmingly therapeutic experience. I felt comforted and safe with Keirstin, trusting her to be accurate and understanding of what I wanted to get from the call. Images and descriptions were on point and I was able to know exactly what she was referring to. I felt strongly connected and I now know my loved ones felt grateful I wanted to connect with them as well. I can't thank Keirstin enough for making this dream a reality... there's always more to say after someone has passed, and she helped us both say what we needed to." 


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"WOW!  What a blessing it was to work with Keirstin the medium!  Keirstin has a very easy, calming presence that instantly put me at ease.  She effortlessly connected with my relatives and was able to describe them in a way that I could recognize who each and every one of them was.  There were a LOT that dropped in!   I was really impressed how clearly Keirstin delivered messages.  She brought through messages specifically for me, my siblings and my extended family.  She was also able to help me clarify messages by allowing me to ask questions and my ancestors providing additional information.  My session was incredible.  Not only did I receive the messages, my personalized messages also granted me the permission to let things go, resolve and release experiences and emotions I had been grasping onto.  I feel very blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to experience Keirstin’s gifts and healing spirit.  I highly recommend working with her."


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