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Begin Your Self Evolution!

Unlock your inner barriers!
Rediscover your path in life!
Receive the guided help you need!

There are times in our lives where we need a bit of guidance to help open up the magick we hold inside. We might know deep down where we are isn’t where we want to be, however, we have no idea how to get there. We might feel this yearning for more in our lives yet can’t seem to pinpoint where to start. Intuitive Spiritual Guidance & Coaching can help you discover what is holding you back in your life and guide you to a life of purpose.


Dig deep within your psyche and learn techniques to bring out the best in you. Discover your life's purpose from digging deep inside yourself. Rekindle yourself with your deepest passions and desires. Schedule your session with Keirstin to open up the hidden pathways to your authentic self.


During these sessions, Keirstin uses a variety of tools depending on the blockage. She mingles between using her intuition. Channeling, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy and Neuro-linguistic programming to help you discover the parts of you that have been forgotten. Keirstin can help bring light to your life. She is a passionate visionary who channels her own magick to support you on your coaching journey. Each session is customized for your needs. 

Learn to harness the magick you have within to create a prosperous and abundant life living in authenticity.

Discover the Magick Within!

"Keirstin really helped me get to the bottom of my creative blocks, and we discussed a plan for how I can prioritize and channel more of my creative energy." - Caroline

“Released a lot of tension and internal blocks with Keirstin today. So far every session ends with a return to self love and acceptance. Beautiful” - CP

“I enjoyed my conversation with Keirstin. I got a lot of confirmation about things that I am working on and the work I need to continue to do. Excellent information! Spot on with messages that resonate in my core.” - Christina