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Learn the tools to be the Magick you want in your Life. Discover your Life's Purpose.



Do you feel stuck?

Have you lost your way in life?

Are you in need of a little push?

There are times in our lives where we need a bit of guidance to help open up the magick we hold inside. We might know deep down where we are isn’t where we want to be, however, we have no idea how to get there. We might feel this yearning for more in our lives yet can’t seem to pinpoint where to start. Transformational Coaching can help you figure out what you are holding back in your life and guide you to a life of purpose.


Learn the tools and techniques to bring out the best in you. Discover your life's purpose from digging deep inside yourself. Rekindle yourself with your deepest passions and desires. Schedule your session with Keirstin to open up the hidden pathways to your authentic self.


Keirstin can help bring light to your life. She is a passionate visionary who channels her own magick to support you on your coaching journey. Whether it be a card reading, connecting to Spirit or learning a meditation technique, each coaching session has its own creation to what is needed for you at that moment. 

Discover the Magick Within!

Dan's Transformation


    30 min


  • 60 Min - Transformational Coaching

    1 hr

  • 90 Min - Transformational Coaching

    1 hr 30 min

  • Magick Coaching & Healing Package

    1 hr


Learn to harness the magick you have within to create a prosperous and abundant life living in authenticity.

Caroline's experience! 



“Keirstin is a wonderfully intuitive practitioner who honed in on exactly what I needed to hear and reflected back to me things that have been up for me lately and things I had been thinking without me speaking those things to her directly at all. She helped me get clear on my direction in terms of how best to share my gifts in the world and get myself out there more. She was so encouraging and loving, and I will definitely return to her for guidance in the future! Much love Keirstin!?”