You possess all the magick already inside you.

Open Your Heart & HEAL

Clear a Path for Joy


Keirstin offers a variety of modalities to help with your healing concerns. She has had over 10 years of experience working with energy healings. Through her own healing journey, she added different modalities to not only help heal her own health concerns but to help others who suffer as well.

Healing & Clearings

Enhance your life on many levels receiving this 22-strand DNA Activation that will elevate your connection to your higher self and awaken your divine blueprint. This activation aids in restoring balance within your energy system and will open you up to your greater potential by bringing forth unrealized talents and abilities. To top it off, it will also help you clear family and genetic karmic patterns that have caused blockages in your life. It is like turning on a bunch of lightbulbs within your body to help you move forward in your soul's purpose in life and have a greater sense of spiritual and physical alignment. During this 2 hour session, several layers of your energetic and physical systems will be attuned and rebalanced to your higher state of being. You will leave feeling more alive and connected to your innate being. Learn more today! 

Receive a deep energy healing that will help release stagnant energy and help balance out your bodies natural rhythms. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. This energy is the natural, vital healing force found in all life. Jikiden Reiki stands for Usui Reiki teachings from an original authentic Japanese lineage.


Reiki has an unlimited amount of beneficial purposes. It can be used as a personal tool for healing and growth, as a way to send supportive energy to family and friends and as a complementary therapy to holistic, naturopathic, alternative and conventional medicines. Reiki treatments support the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually while focusing on specific issues.

Do you want to open yourself up to your true being and unlock your true potential? Have you felt stuck as if something keeps holding you back? Have your soul realigned to its original blueprint and set yourself on a clear path.


Learn your soul's purpose and what is holding you back from expressing your true self. Clear away the negative karma you are ready to let go of. Release your past life karma that is keeping you from moving forward in your life.

Luna Light energy healing modality works on deep core emotional stresses within the body. The interweaving of the moon, the elements, and crystal energy bring a balance within your body at a cellular level. The moon is a very powerful energy for us to live the ebb and flow of our true selves. By receiving this healing we transform blocks of energy deep within so your body can be more in tune with the changes of life.

Crystals and gemstones are very powerful living formations that have been used since the dawn of ancient civilization. They are not only beautiful to look at or wear as jewelry; they are also known to aid in physical, emotional, spiritual healing, spirit contact, psychic development, holistic healing, and much more. Schedule your healing to help balance out your inner energies to feel more vibrant and alive in your body

There are times when our property can hold energy that does not feel very well and seems to bring negativity. Have your property realigned to its current purpose. For instance, if your property is currently a house or apartment but it was used as another entity at some point; the energy of that entity is still present. By having the property realigned to its current purpose brings in more peace and harmony to the environment.



“I would love to share my experience. Keirstin gave me my first life activation and soul alignment and it definitely changed my life and perspective. It has helped me tune into my deeper conscious and bring positive energy into my life. And with my soul alignment, I was able to learn about my past lives that are causing a barrier on my current life and help unblock these negative effects that are not letting me move forward on my life’s path. I definitely recommend her and I definitely look forward to doing more healings with her as well!!!”