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Mystic Readings

Do you feel you are at a crossroad?
Are you curious about where to go next?
Let's Move you toward your next steps in your life!


Let Keirstin Proud help you answer those questions for you. Her Mystic Readings can help open a pathway to the knowledge you have been waiting to discover. Receive the guidance you need to help you move forward in your life. 


Receive insight about a specific situation. Obtain answers for those burning questions about where to go next on your journey. Learn more about your soul's purpose.


Keirstin Proud has been a spiritual psychic medium her entire life and is ready to help you receive the guidance you need. Schedule your mystic reading today to acquire more insight on a specific situation or period in your life to help with your healing process. Let's come together and move you forward in the direction closest to your highest path. 

Keirstin has been training in mystics and metaphysics since 2009. She has the ability to accurately read people's Akashic energy. Through her many years of training she has been able to tap into her Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Claircognizant abilities for every session. Over the past 5 years she has developed an ability to read a persons body to discover the blocked meridian points.


Each session is personalized and channeled through spirit. 

Open To Your Highest Potential

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