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Go from Life-Less to Soul-Full!



Life is Full of Magick

 Re-Discover What Lights You Up

"When I let go of what I think I am, I transform into what I know I am."
Keirstin Proud

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Don't let depression, anxiety, pain, etc. hold you back from enjoying life. You can learn to release it from your life. I know first hand. I spent most my life in all of those places. I even tried to end my life. However, I conquered all of them and am here to help guide you to your freedom. 

Let's work together to help you live true to yourself. You deserve to transform the life around you and start living your life on purpose. It's no better time then now to invest in yourself and your wellbeing.  You can Be the Magick you want in your life. Are you ready to begin living the life you want & deserve?

Clear Your Path to Greatness Today!
What if I told you there is a magical way around mental roadblocks?!
Guess what...
There is Magick Within All of Us!!!
Find Out & Start Your Journey Now!
Are You Ready to Awaken Your Inner Light and Expand in Your Life?

Unlock your fullest potential. Receive the guidance you need to help you enhance your life's journey. Heal the wounds that have been holding you back from fully expressing yourself and your gifts. I am here to help walk you along the path of transformation. 

6 Month Elite Intensive Journey

Discover the Magical You


Are You Ready?...

To DIG super deep within your psyche

To INVEST in yourself fully

To HONE IN on self love
To STAND in your power

To KNOW more about yourself

To SHINE your light to the world

Do You Want?...


To Love Yourself Deeply

To Release the Stagnation.

To Deepen Your Connection to Your Soul Self and Soul Family.

To Enhance Your Intuition & Psychic Gifts.

To Reveal Hidden Blocks that are Holding You Back.

To Receive Accountability & Guidance

To Have Customized Tools to Access Your True Inner Magick.


12 Month Mentorship Intensive

The Spiritual Gateway System

Only 5-8 Clients, Begins October 2021

Are You Ready?...


To LOVE everything about yourself

To UNCOVER your hidden blocks that are holding you back

To DISCOVER how to connect to your Spiritual Tribe

To SHINE your Magick to the world

Do You Want?...


To LOVE everything about yourself

To Breakdown the barriers that have been in your way

To Build Your Personal Spiritual Tool Belt

To Have Year Round Accountability & Guidance

Heal past trauma and open up the pathway to your greatest gifts...YOUR MAGICK!
Reconnect to your Soul Self by opening up the GATEWAY to all your innate gifts you have been hiding.
Set yourself FREE by expanding your knowledge of self and releasing the restrictions that are keeping you from being You fully and genuinely.

Soul Realignment

Re-Discover Your Soul Self

Are You Ready?...

To DISCOVER your Soul's purpose.

To REALIGN your soul to is original blueprint.

To CLEAR a path to your soul self.

To KNOW your soul's vibration.

To EXPRESS your true self.

To BE your best you.

Do You Want?...


To Learn What is Holding You Back.

To Connect to Your Soul Self.

To Start Living in Congruent With Your Soul. 

To Reveal Your Hidden Blocks.

To Clear Away Old Negative Karma. 

To Re-connect to Your Soul Vibration.


I am very pleased with what I got from your services, they were more than I could wish for. I somehow feel lucky I came across you at this time and place in my life.