Life is Full of Magick

You have extraordinary magick within you to
co-create the life beyond your wildest dreams.
BREAK FREE from those barriers that keep you from being the BEST version of YOU and STAND in your POWER.
Are you an Empathic Mystic ready to Become a Revolutionist?
Clear Your Path to Greatness Today!
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  • Start living the life you could only dream of.

  • Fully connect to your spiritual greatness.

  • Breakdown the barriers that have been in your way to your fullest potential.

  • Re-connect to your Soul Self.

  • Thrive in all areas of your life. 

  • Be and share your Magick 

Learn to live true to yourself. Transform the life around you and start living your life on purpose. Invest in yourself and your wellbeing and Be the Magick you want in your life. Begin living the life you deserve.
Unlock your fullest potential. Receive the guidance you need to help you enhance your life's journey. Heal the wounds that have been holding you back. Keirstin in here to walk you along the path of transformation with coaching and healing. 


Learn new techniques and connect to other likeminded individuals on enhancing their spiritual journey. 


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About Keirstin

Keirstin has been on a quest for truth and love from a very young age. Her talents and gifts took her on many paths in life. However, one thing never changed, her passion to be her truest self. With many years of deep exploration, different healing modalities & spiritual practices, and the eagerness to transform, she is here to share her knowledge with you.

Free Clearing Meditation

Get Grounded
Relax your body fully.
Take a break for 11 minutes.
Set your intention for the day with this beautiful guided Waterfall of Light Meditation.




"I am very pleased with what I got from your services, they were more than I could wish for. I somehow feel lucky I came across you at this time and place in my life."


“Keirstin's coaching has helped me quickly identify and address a lifetime of accumulated fears and doubts. Over the last six months she's helped me turn my life around, and feel blessed to have her continued counsel.”

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