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Dreaming of Three Butterflies

Dreams are an amazing connection to our subconscious. They speak to us and give answers to problems in our life and within our body. As well as a way for spirit to communicate with us. Usually we are too busy, and our minds are too preoccupied, for us to listen to spirit. So, while we sleep, our spirit talks.

A few days ago, I said a prayer for guidance on some old wounds I still needed to heal. I requested for spirit to show me clearly on what is the root of the issue. And this morning I was shown through a remarkably interesting dream on some of those aspects I requested guidance on.

In this dream, I was not observing the story unfold, I was the person involved at the age of 16-18. I opened the door to my bedroom after being away for a short time. I had a young male with me, who followed in behind me and seemed to be a boyfriend or close friend. Once in my bedroom, I immediately noticed some of my plants, on my dresser, were taken out of their pots and the pots were missing. My plants were drying up and almost dying from lack of water. As I was trying to figure out what happened to them and where their pots had gone, three butterflies of different types started radically flying around the room.

Thoughts started racing in my head, “Where did these butterflies come from?” “How can we catch them to let them go?” “They must be hungry.” So, I grabbed a shoe box and my friend grabbed a bag. We tried to catch the butterflies. I then realized if I had a bowl of water they might come in for a drink. I quickly walked out to another room of the house to get water and noticed my pots were used for my mother’s decorations. I was furious at her but knew I was not able to deal with that just yet, I had to get the water to those butterflies and my plants.

I rushed into my bedroom with the bowl of water. The butterflies were still flapping around frantically. I started talking to the butterflies in hope to help them understand we are not there to hurt them. After a few minutes of talking to them, the 3 butterflies landed on the bowl of water. I observed their beauty for a moment then opened the window to set them free. I then woke up from the dream feeling incredibly angry at my mother for not asking me to take the pots from my plants and why she would leave them there to die.

As I came to, I realized this was an important dream for me and needed to investigate it further. I dug into the symbolism of the aspects of the dream. I analyzed my emotions and connections throughout the dream. I also realized this wound was connected to my relationship with my mother. Nothing in this dream literally happened in my waking life but all the emotions and symbolism did. There were general symbolism and there is symbolism that is special to me personally. I will break a few of them down for you.

For instance, butterflies represent transformation, creativity, new beginnings, changes, spirituality, etc. And when you pair it with having 3 of them in the dream, the number 3 represents creativity, imagination, the connection to the divine, trinity, connection to the mind, body and spirit. It is also my Life Path Number when you calculate my birthday. So, when you bring them together there can be many meanings around the symbolism within my dream. Not only are there general symbols in these 2 things, there are personal symbols as well.

On a deeper level the butterflies alone have many meanings for me in my current life and in my past. I absolutely love the transformation process of the caterpillar into the butterfly. I use it often in my life and my business. To me, it represents healing from the inside out, which is the journey I have been on since I tried to commit suicide. The rebirth after a death.

The number 3 is my personal life path number when you add up my birthday. The 3 Life Path is associated with creativity, art, and expression. I have always been a highly creative person. I love art and creating it in many mediums. I have been a very expressive person throughout my life, and it has gotten me in trouble with my mother most my life. I also use all those aspects daily for my 3 businesses, which are all in a cocoon state at the moment. Again, a strong connection.

As I connect the dots of these 3 butterflies, what comes to me is how I was not able to express myself fully in my creativity or in general when I was a teenager. My mother and I have a really hard time seeing eye to eye. And I developed a lot of self-doubts in myself during that time. Around that same period in my life I was ill. I was going through a bunch of tests and a surgery just to figure out that I had endometriosis. That was also the age I was told I would never be able to carry a child full term. Which was a big moment where my mindset shifted in my life. I wanted out so badly. I started abusing alcohol around that age. I developed deep depression and wanted to die. If not die, I wanted so badly to move far away from my mother. I did not feel I could fully transform into the butterfly I knew I could be without leaving.

As you can see, these two simple symbols developed into a bigger meaning and understanding for me through this dream. The three, almost dying, butterflies brought me clarity and connection for me on how deep my wound is. They also help me understand that I have the power to heal myself by feeding those butterflies within me and setting them free.

Dreams are amazing tools for our lives. If you are fortunate to remember them, I highly recommend having a journal beside your bed to write them down. Then later, when you have a moment, analyze the symbolism within them for you in your life.

Dream on magickal beings!!!

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