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I WILL Raise my Daughter to look up to Wonder Woman

I initially resisted going to see the new Wonder Woman movie because of the sex symbols Hollywood puts on women. Why should I sit there supporting a flick that uses women's bodies to get money? However, I kept hearing from my female friends how wonderful the movie was. So I gave in. The day came when I had some free time and a friend of mine asked me to go with her. Well, thankfully, I was very pleasantly surprised. Throughout the entire movie, I was having moments of enlightenment that intertwined with all the spiritual training I have done throughout my life. It opened up realizations of myself of my own warrior and godliness inside of me.

To me, Wonder Woman is the true symbol of what a woman healer, on this planet, should strive to be. She represents pure love, hope, and acceptance that humans will possibly have a dark side to themselves. It is her service and duty to do what she needs to do to balance that out for the world. In my eyes, she represents both feminine and masculine qualities. She is the type of woman I want my daughter to look up to.

I want my daughter to see this in herself. To strive to be everything she can be in her life. To live a life filled with passion and drive for doing what she feels guided to do. I want my daughter to feel and see her godliness from the inside out. To be able to be the warrior when needed. To not be judged for being female. To be free to be who she is.

This is something I longed for in my life. This is someone I wished I was able to see in myself. I don't want her to wait until she is in her 30's, to find out, that she can live the life she wants to live. That she can be gentle yet strong. That she can be feminine yet masculine. That she is a goddess and a warrior of her life.

I will raise my daughter to not only look up to Wonder Woman but to strive to be the best person she can be. And the best way to do this is to start with myself.

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