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Truth & Forgiveness - New Moon Reading

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

For the next few weeks we are being asked about Truth and Forgiveness within ourselves.

Where are you being untruthful to yourself? Are you feeling powerless in your life? Maybe it’s time to look at where you are giving away your power. What choices are you making in your life that put you in that space? What lies are you telling yourself to keep you in that powerless state? Where are you being unfaithful to yourself? What can you do to have unconditional love for yourself?

This is a time to dig deep and learn to forgive yourself, love yourself unconditionally and be truthful to yourself and everyone around you. There are many ways to learn forgiveness but, no matter what, you will have to face yourself and really “SEE” yourself fully. The only person we truly must face every single day is ourselves. Where are you holding resentment, anger, fear inside yourself? Go deep and discover what you are holding against yourself. Are you placing unrealistic expectations on yourself which causes self-sabotaging experiences? Go within your heart and truly feel it. Feel what you are holding against yourself. And then learn to release it, let it go with the flow of light that enters your body daily. For the next few weeks, imagine the bright sun’s rays showering you with love and clearing away all of what you want to forgive. Hold that love in your heart and own it. Be truthful with yourself. Let your tears shed and rinse away that anger and resentment.

Dig deeper by looking at all the lies you are telling yourself and others. By not being truthful, we dim our vibration and will attract more turmoil in our lives. Do you even know what your truth is? Have you been living someone else’s expectations (truth) of who you should be? Sit with that. Learn more about your inner self and where you need to bring in more peace. There are many techniques to safely navigate your inner world. Experiment and find something that works for you. You can start by doing simple daily breathing exercises to bring you more present. Then dig a little deeper each day.

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