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Understanding Your 6 Clairs

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Did you know you have super powers? It's true! Most people don't realize how powerful they really are. We all have these amazing capabilities that we don't realize. If only we would get out of our own way and stop letting society, culture and our minds control us.

Our minds and bodies are way more amazing than we let them to be. We have these abilities to connect to the universal energy without giving it much thought. The more we clear our minds of the chatter and release the stagnant blocks within, our inner magick is able to shine.

Which one(s) do you have? 💫

Seeing - Clairvoyance: Ability to clearly visualize something through extrasensory perception. You are able to see things happening from the future, about a person, about a situation that you weren't given all/any specific details about. You are highly imaginative person. The universal will share information as if you are watching a scene from a movie playing out in your head.

Hearing - Clairaudience: Ability to clearly hear in the form of language & sound not heard from the naked ear. You receive messages in the form of hearing a voice, a song, sounds, etc. Spirit speaks through you with sounds and words.

Tasting - Clairgustance: Ability to clearly taste something without putting it into your mouth. You are able to fully taste the flavors of something without having the object in your mouth. Messages come through the ability to taste it within your mouth.

Feeling/Emotions - Clairsentience: Ability to clearly feel other's emotions and/or pain. You can sense a person or animals' emotions as if they were your own. Feeling the pain of another within your body. The universe speaks through your emotions. You are highly empathic.

Smelling - Clairalience: Ability to clearly smell something through extrasensory perception. You can smell really well. You are able to smell something before anyone else can. Spirit messages come through as smells before a situation happens, even death.

Knowing - Claircognizant: Ability to clearly know about something without any prior knowledge or understanding. You are able to have a really strong "gut feeling" about something. You will know specific details about a situation without having details ahead of time. Messages come without using the mind for logic

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