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Mental Health Struggles : You Are Not Alone

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Every day I honor all those mentally struggling and those who have struggled in the past. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The struggle is REAL!

The journey to healing mental health is not an easy one. I've definitely been there and am still there on occasion with PTSD and anxiety. For those who aren't aware of my own personal journey, I tried to commit suicide a few times in my life. I am fortunate to still be alive today to talk about my experience.

In 2011, after waking from what I thought was the last day of my life, I knew I needed to find a better solution for myself and to help others. I have spent over 9 years learning different tools, techniques and modalities to help me discover a way to heal my deep depression from childhood. The road to healing wasn't an easy one. But definitely a rewarding one. I am here to shine my light to help those struggling to find theirs.

I have experienced first hand how backwards our Mental Health System can be. What kept me going, was this little voice inside me saying "there is always a way." And it wasn't a straight or forward pathway. It was more like a rollercoaster ride. One minute I would have a breakthrough and then the next felt like I was falling back into that deep hole. But here's the thing. The more I pushed myself to keep going and not give up, the more I healed.

I faced my inner demons, my fears, my pain. I do this regularly. I let myself feel my sorrow. I let myself truly feel my pain. I wake up everyday and do the inner work I have to do everyday to keep my light shining. You can too!!


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