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Adults Living Out Their Childhood Trauma

When we are children all we want is to be like our parents and get approval from our parents. But what happens when our parents are our worst nightmares? What happens when our parents are the ones that hurt us, tortured us and/or abused us? What happens when our parents are the hardest ones to please?

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We live in a world of hypocrisy. We yell at our children, yet we tell them not to yell at us or anyone else. We smack & hit our children when they misbehave yet we tell them not to hit. We are creating a very contradicting life for these children and causing more issues for their lives. We are living in a world of "do as I say, not as I do" mentality. Which is how most of us grew up as well. We are a bunch of adults living out our own childhood traumas.

If our friend, partner, or stranger were to yell at us it is considered negative. If our friend, partner, or stranger smacked or hit us we call it abuse. Why is it OK to act this way towards our innocent children? How can we continue expecting change in our world if we aren't changing ourselves and our behaviors that reflect upon our children? Our children are reflections of all of us. They are our mirrors to our pain. They are mirrors to our joy. What are we showing our children?

Childhood trauma seems to be an epidemic and unfortunately is passed down generation after generation. It feels as if everyone I meet has had some type of trauma from their childhood. Which would explain why many people suffer from mental illness, addiction and dis-ease. Having trauma as a child can cause PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, etc. Unfortunately, our medical system doesn’t look deeper with these issues. They only spend time focusing on what is on the surface and treating each symptom instead of the root cause of the issue. When, if they looked deeper within us and at our childhood experiences, they would find a better solution on actually healing our body’s.

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Childhood trauma goes even beyond our parents and guardians. There are many levels of trauma that stem from our society, peers, strangers, religion, and culture. We are destroying our world through destroying our children. And the only way to change this is to heal ourselves. To heal our own childhood traumas.

Most emotional triggers stem from our childhood. When we are a child, we pick up on other people's behaviors. The first person children learn from is usually their parents/guardians. They mimic behaviors. So, if we keep telling our children no all the time, they are going to learn to either tell you no all the time or be scared to do anything. If we hit our children, they are going to learn that hitting the ones we love is ok. They might even build a fear around those that hit them, and/or rebel out and cause even more chaos. Just think back to your childhood. What did you learn from your parents/guardians? What behaviors were created by those close to you? Are you able to see where the patterns come from? Do you recognize when you are being triggered from your childhood experience?

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Healing ourselves is a process and is different for each person. Believe it or not, we do have some control of our own healing process. For instance, if we don't feel we can be healed of something, most likely we won't be. Our mind plays a HUGE role in our healing journey. Our mind can also be the main issue. Discovering tools that work best for you is vital in your transformation. We only can truly heal as much as we are willing to allow ourselves to.

I spent years learning new modalities & trying new techniques to snap me out of chronic depression. The thing I found that worked best for me wasn't one specific thing. It was a combination of therapy, energy healing, initiation, spirituality, affirmations & daily rituals. It's like cooking up an alchemical soup for your soul. You must be determined, willing and want to change. You must step up, try new things and do the work needed.

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DEEP cleansing healing doesn't start with butterflies, unicorns & rainbows. It takes building up our muscles of awareness and mindfulness to dig deep within ourselves. It sucks sometimes to look at ourselves in the mirror and be honest with ourselves but in the end it's so worth it. Our children are worth it.

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