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Staying GRATEFUL Through The Chaos

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

As I wake up to my normal routine. I walk out of the bathroom and see the sweet face of my daughter snuggling up in my bed. I get myself ready in the low light to not wake her. I walk out of my bedroom to start my day. I pause in the doorway for a moment and notice a large mess on the floor.

I weave through the pillows, toys, blankets and costumes my daughter didn't have time to put away before bed. I make my way to the kitchen to make my morning tea. Dishes piled in the sink still needing to be loaded in the dishwasher and washed. So, I take care of a few while I wait for my lemon tea to be ready. I step away once it is ready and turn around toward the window. The sky caught my eye.

I stand there gazing out the window at the sky waking up. The sun rising slowly. Hues of blue, pink and orange fill the sky. I pause for a moment in complete gratitude of being alive. My heart fills up with the feelings of appreciation for being healthy, being able to be with my daughter, for the work I still have, for food, for shelter, for clean water, for a loving family, for supporting friends. Thinking of all the things a lot of people take for granted.

I am full of GRATITUDE for everything that surrounds me, even the chaos.

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