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LOVE is the Foundation of Life

Updated: May 28, 2021

Love is the foundation of your existence, and you're just as worthy of receiving as you are of giving love and compassion...

This is an important time to care, nurture and love YOURSELF. Being able to experience this power and energy is something most people strive for on a daily basis. It can be something that can also destroy you if you strive for it negatively. We are born with pure love and then as we grow older we are taught many other things about love through our parents, grandparents, teachers, society, events in our lives, etc. This can affect our perspective of what LOVE truly is.

Love isn't just a word you say to your "love ones". Love is much more than a simple 4 letter word. Love is everything and nothing at the same time. Love is transforming. Love is beautiful. LOVE IS YOU! YOU ARE LOVE! Now is the time to change your life and see your self-worth. Time to analyze what you are letting in your life. What types of people do you hang around? Do they represent love and help uplift you? If not, it might be time to love yourself more and honor yourself by creating new loving relationships.

The first step to healing is to start creating a loving relationship with YOU!

1. Start your journey of self-love by sitting for 5 minutes daily with your hand on your heart. Breath deeply into your hands and feel love radiate inside of you. Feel the divine energy radiate inside your heartspace. By doing this simple exercise every day, you can start feeling a shift within yourself and your whole life. I challenge you to try doing this when you wake up and right before you head to bed. This will help you receive the love inside for yourself and then share outwards towards others more compassionately.

2. To help Bring on the Love begin saying affirmations and mantras regularly. Choose an affirmation and mantra that sounds like something you would say to a child (aka. your inner child). Here are some examples to help you get started:

I lovingly accept myself.

I am full of love and light.

I fill my heart with divine love.

I am a unique individual full of love.

I am filled with joy and love in my heart.

I love and accept myself fully.

I choose love and joy within me and around me.

3. Go deeper within yourself using meditation. This will help you discover what childhood patterns and programming you are replaying. Take 45-60 minutes to sit in a quiet comfortable space. Breathe 3 deep belly breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth. Relax your body. Imagine a golden white light shining down around you and through you. Let this light wash away all your stress, worries, negative thoughts. Sit in this light until you feel relaxed and at peace. Then ask your higher-self to help you understand where your lack of love stems from. Open yourself up to receive the messages and the guidance. You may hear, feel or see these messages. If you do not receive anything during this meditation, that is ok. Try doing this meditation again another time. Or the guidance might come through dreams, synchronicities or words spoken throughout your waking life. Do this meditation a few times a week to help you dig deeper.

Love is the foundation of our lives. will allow you to receive and give love, and to radiate as the pure soul that you truly are. - John Holland, The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck

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