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Making A Commitment To Yourself

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Commitment has been a huge topic lately around my life and my clients. Even my daughter's teachers talk about commitment in her class. Each child has one commitment they are assigned, and it is usually something they need to work on. When the child isn’t keeping up to their commitment, the teacher holds up the child’s popsicle stick (with their name on it) and asks them if they are keeping their commitment. This gives the child an opportunity to be reminded of their commitment and also work on that particular skillset.

We have extended this similar idea on commitments to our home life as well. My daughter and I have chosen 5 commitments we are going to make to ourselves. For instance, one of my commitments is to schedule 20 minutes for myself daily to either meditate or simply relax in the tub. Another one is to not lose my temper when I am triggered by my daughter. However, my daughter had to reminded me I wasn't keeping my commitment because I lost my temper. A moment I am not proud of, yet, I am super grateful for her daily reminders and holding me accountable. Our children do learn from our behaviors so me keeping my commitment to myself is very important because, in the end, it reflects right back on to her.

What does that really mean for you? What are you committed to in your life? Have you ever thought about making commitments to your own health and empowerment?

We tend to make lots of commitments to other people but don't make commitments for ourselves as much. A commitment obligates you to do something. And the number one person we tend to not commit to is ourselves. We give up our power to others all the time. We will let our jobs, careers and other people be more important than our own health at times. Why is it so challenging to keep commitments to ourselves? In my opinion, it's easier to let ourselves down than another person. But in the end, we have to live with ourselves longer and that usually ends in negative self-talk. Which is a domino effect for our life.

So, what commitments are you going to make for yourself today? I suggest having someone else around you can trust and will not judge you hold you accountable for your commitments. This will only help you in the long run.

What is your commitment to your own Healing and Empowerment? Could you make a commitment to yourself to heal and stand in your power and keep it? If so, what commitment would you want or are you making to yourself?

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